The Market : showcasing Tasmanian independent art and design

The Market is a boutique art and design event, showcasing independent Tasmanian designers, makers and producers. It is held at various times throughout the year in the intriguing Masonic Temple, Hobart. Since its inception in 2009, it has become widely known for its exciting lineup of exclusively local labels, along with its firm focus on authenticity and craftsmanship.

With an impressive collection of exhibitors from a wide range of disciplines, visitors to The Market can expect to see, for example, an established fashion designer/maker sitting alongside a bespoke leather goods artisan, or a jeweller who has crafted delicate wares in silver and brass, alongside someone producing unique sculptural ceramics. A very particular approach to stallholder selection ensures that while exhibitors are vastly different in almost every way, they all have a common thread: creative talent, a demonstrated integrity in their business ethos and original thought in their design process.

Inside the Masonic Temple, Hobart

Inside the Masonic Temple, Hobart

The Market was curated by Shannon Robertson and Holly Webber from 2009 until 2016. From 2017, Felicity Dawson is continuing the mission to unearth and show off Tasmania's veritable web of undiscovered talent, world class products, and the intriguing stories and inspiration behind the commercial reality of designers and makers. 


Alongside curating The Market, Felicity has experience in many creative ventures including sewing and knitting (both for pleasure and professionally), patternmaking, advertising, filmmaking, creative and technical writing, publishing craft books, research, editing and librarianship, and is currently establishing a clothing label, clover friday, with Caroline Choi. Another project she is working on, in collaboration with Tasmanian photographer Andrew Wilson, is researching and designing a Tasmanian fishing gansey using traditional British fishermen's ganseys as a model.