Terms & Conditions


Participation in The Market is subject to your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. 

Payment of fees

Each exhibitor must agree to pay for their site within 7 days of receiving their invoice to secure their site. Exhibitors who fail to pay within this period will lose their site.

*Please note these are new account details.

Bank: ANZ                           Name: the market hobart

BSB: 017 010                        account: 226 858 384

When paying your fees please always ensure you add your name to the reference line.


Allocation of sites

Sites will be allocated by the managers based on availability, appearance and product distribution.

If an exhibitor withdraws, a reallocation will be made by selection from a register of exhibitors. A stall left vacant by the late arrival or absence of the exhibitor may be occupied (for that day only) by another exhibitor with the agreement of the manager.


Environment and waste

The Market will do its best to ensure that the market area is left free of waste. Please try to reduce waste and use recycled materials where possible. Exhibitors must remove all waste from their stall at the end of the day and fold up trestle tables.



Each full site is approximately 2 metres wide & 1.5 metres deep, and includes a trestle table (2m x 0.7m - optional).                       Half sites are a shared trestle table (supplied) - 1 metre wide & 0.7 metres deep.

Exhibitors are encouraged to make their stall as inventive and inviting as possible to the general public.


Set up time

Exhibitors must be set up by 9.45am. The Masonic Temple will be open from 8.30am and the market will open for trading at

10.00am. If an exhibitor is late or unable to trade, they should notify the manager by 9.00am. If an exhibitor does not arrive by 9.00am,

they may lose their site. The market finishes at 3.00pm – exhibitors are NOT to pack up before this time. After packing up your stall, please give your area a general tidy-up and remove all waste.



The Masonic Temple has no on-site parking available. There are plenty of car spaces close by and once exhibitors have unloaded their goods, they are to remove vehicle from outside. If there are no parks, our customers will drive on by without stopping.



There are toilet facilities on site.



The sale or provision of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.



Money & valuables are the exhibitors’ own responsibility. It is recommended that you wear a bag or similar to store all your money. Don’t forget to bring a float with appropriate change.



There are no refunds on stall fees for any reason.


Food permits

Exhibitors selling food MUST have a current food permit issued by the Hobart City Council. There are regular visits by health inspectors from the Council and you will NOT be able to participate without one.



It is strongly recommended that all exhibitors arrange their own public liability insurance cover and if selling food, exhibitors hold a current policy of product liability insurance cover.

Please note: if a claim is made against you for loss or damage howsoever arising out of the market you will not be covered by the manager’s insurance. Please contact management for more information if required.

The Market and its representative will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to person or property howsoever caused including the negligence of The Market or its representative or agents and including loss or damage arising out of weather conditions or the cancellation of the event. Fees are not refundable.